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Welcomes you to Charlevoix the Beautiful!
We are hoping to get some ride outs done this year. We need more snow to make riding out of Charlevoix a little easier. Please check here and our facebook page for updates on Ride out information.

The Charlevoix Snowmobile Club secured a good trail reroute last year and we are glad to say that the trail is going to be in good shape again this year.. It's always the work of the club to try and establish more trail if possible. If you have worked on trying to establish a trail with another club or know someone in the CSC I'm sure you've heard stories about it. 

We are glad to announce that the trail going into Ellsworth from Charlevoix has been a great asset to the riders in the area. For the first two years the trail was up and waiting to be approved, We sucked up the cost of grooming this section of trail for two years out of our grooming funds from our regular trail. It feels good to know that we will finally be able to be paid for doing the grooming we've been doing for two years.

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Charlevoix Snowmobile Club
P.O. Box 627
Charlevoix, MI 49720

Please respect our land owners property. We have a fairly large portion of our trail going through private property so treat it like it was your own. Maintain good trail manners and pick up after yourself please.

Visiting Charlevoix or the area?
Contact Us for any help you may need with questions about the trail or for trail maps.

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WHEN: First Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm

WHERE: Charlevoix City Hall---Council Chambers room

WHO: Members & interested individuals, Open to the public

It's membership time!  Click here for the 2012-2013 membership form.

Other Area Clubs & Councils
Council meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the second Tuesday of the month at the East Jordan Snowmobilers, Inc. club house. Meetings are open to the public,  feel free to join them at their meeting.

The Jordan Valley Trails Council is made up of following four clubs:
Charlevoix Snowmobile Club--CSC 
East Jordan Snowmobilers Inc.
Antrim County Snowmobile Club  

Other local clubs are:
Petoskey Snowmobile Club

 Charlevoix Snowmobile Club 
 P.O. Box 627  
 Charlevoix, MI 49720